Here at Woodstock AP, your dream is our reality. With our custom Sliding Barn Doors, you can have any Barn Door that you can dream of crafted with the utmost quality and care. It does not matter the species, color, size, you will receive what you want. Easy to install, our Sliding Barn Doors are perfect for any project to add that design flair. For more information, please contact a Woodstock AP Professional!

  • Finish: Custom
  • Thickness: Custom
  • Weight: TBD at point of shipment
  • Installation: Custom
  • Color: Custom
  • Source: Real wood lumber from the Pacific Northwest
  • Species: Custom
  • Width: 1' - 8'
  • Height: 2' - 10'
  • Interior or Exterior: Interior or Exterior
  • Support Header: Yes or No
  • Surface: Custom
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