The traditional barn door look is in style! Woodstock Sliding Barn Doors are perfect for any door project. Now you can have that sliding door of your dreams while adding flair to your room! We can match any style, color, or size of barn door. You are sure to find peace within our Styles & Rails Sliding Barn Door. For more information, please contact a Woodstock AP Professional!

  • Finish: Custom
  • Thickness: 1.75"
  • Weight: TBD at point of shipment
  • Installation: Sliding Barn Door Tracking System
  • Color: Reclaimed Brown, Reclaimed Grey, Reclaimed Brown/Grey, Remarkable Veneers, or Woodstock Finishing Solutions
  • Source: Real wood lumber from the Pacific Northwest and the South East regions of the United States of America
  • Width: 1'-8'
  • Height: 2'-10'
  • Interior or Exterior: Interior or Exterior
  • Support Header: Yes or No
  • Surface: Smooth, Wire Brush, Re-Sawn Marks, or Reclaimed
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