Here at Woodstock AP, we have discovered a unique, one-of-a-kind, finishing solution for our consumer mantels that we have named ‘Textures’. With our special, one-of-a-kind solution, you will have a truly unique piece of furniture. With a Woodstock Texture mantel, you will have the most unique, best looking mantel out of anyone you know or any picture you see. These Texture mantels are key for any residential/commercial projects. For more information,please contact a Woodstock AP Professional!

  • Finish: Woodstock AP Tannin Solutions
  • Thickness: Random Thickness from 1" - 2.5"
  • Weight: TBD at point of shipment
  • Installation: Floating Bracket or Exposed Bracket
  • Color: Light/Medium/Dark - Brown or Grey
  • Source: Real wood lumber from the Pacific Northwest
  • Species: Alder/White Oak
  • Length: 8"-6'
  • Depth: 3" - 24"
  • Interior or Exterior: Interior or Exterior
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