The Story of Woodstock Architectural Products

Woodstock Architectural Products was first started in 2012 as a picture framing shop, framing works by legendary photographers such as Peter Lik and Bobby Wheat. It was started in Kevin Fults’ garage with his oldest son, Kris. Of course, at this time, they didn’t know it would be called Woodstock Architectural Products. These two worked countless hours day and night to knock out the orders for frames, sometimes staying up to 3am to make sure the customer was pleased with what they ordered. This was all done in a 2-car garage in a residential neighborhood. After about 6 months, they realized that this could be a real company and maybe they will one day even have a salary!

After this realization, they went out and secured a small 1200 sq ft warehouse. These two, again, worked countless hours to make Woodstock a success. Kris would be framing while Kevin would go out and make sales calls. Having been in the Las Vegas wood industry for around 20 years at the time, he had contacts, but they were not for framing. These contacts wanted mouldings, flooring, base, case, etc. This is when he started getting into the millwork side of the wood industry. He knew that there was much more opportunity with millwork in one of the fastest growing cities than there was with framing. As time went on, Kevin, started gaining traction with landing large remodel orders such as The Venetian, The Pallazzo, Caesars Palace, The Linq, The Bellagio, the list is endless. And so gradually, the company shifted and put more focus on the millwork side of things than the framing.

After 3 years of being in business, Woodstock acquired a mill on the outskirts of Las Vegas. This helped Woodstock become more vertically integrated by buying the machines/customers that was needed to expand into the next level. All of a sudden, we had all these machines but no place to use them at. This is when Kevin rented the building we are in today on Patrick and Decatur. With all this extra space, something had to be done with it. It is then he decided to get into manufacturing. Not only manufacturing cabinets, but all sorts of products such as faux beams, mantles, barn doors, booths, all sorts of tables, shelves, etc. Again, the list is endless.

In 2017, Woodstock created a subsidiary company titled, Woodstock Walls. This is an ecommerce website dedicated to creating DIY wood, veneer, and laminate walls. We supply consumers with Peel & Stick, Click & Stick, and even raw wood materials. Today, we are creating a sales force dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality wood products. This has kept Woodstock busy throughout the years, but we always have and always will look to innovate, improve, and create a better atmosphere for consumers to buy goods in the wood industry. We do not plan on stopping here, we have a plan to further expand into other states and areas around the USA, taking the wood industry by physical stores as well as e-commerce.

Kevin Fults, Owner

As an expert in woodcraft, Kevin has spent about 30 years in the wood industry, helping homeowners, designers, and architects manifest their visions in commercial and private projects of every scope and size. Fults’ passion for reclaimed wood is intimately tied to his love and respect for the history found in these unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. In so many ways, Woodstock Architectural Products is the manifestation of Kevin’s passion for the history, romance, and value of reclaimed wood in modern design. Ever the nature enthusiast, Kevin’s passion for design and art were ignited when he made Las Vegas his home in 1982.  Kevin’s expertise in custom mill work (wood milling) and interior design helped him shape the architecture of the Las Vegas valley including many of the premiere resort properties including the remodel of iconic The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, The Venetian and The Palazzo. Through his work in the artist community, Kevin also works with legendary artist Peter Lik who utilizes Kevin’s’ expertise in custom framing, furnishings and one-of-a-kind accent pieces.

The Future of Woodstock Architectural Products

As Woodstock continues to grow, we plan to be forward driven, adapt, and evolve to the cutting-edge design trend. We are confident in doing so by having our professional staff work hand in hand with the design community in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only will we be the forefront of design, but we plan to constantly innovate and invest in our home town. Our goal is to bring Woodstock Architectural Products to other places, outside of Las Vegas, NV, so others can experience what it is truly like to step foot in this “playground for adults”. Recently, we have invested in new machinery, a new operating system, a larger sales force, and a new website. With these types of investments, we are sure to be sustainable for many years to come. We strive to constantly improve on customer service, product quality, online web presence, and innovative ways to make it easier for the consumer to get the exact products they want/need.

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