Here at Woodstock Architectural Products, we can produce any mouldings of your dreams. Whether it be 5” base to 24” crown. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to mouldings. In our mill, we are proud to have 2 precision moulders along with a knife room dedicated to grinding our own knives. On-site, we carry over 3,500 knife profiles ready to be used for your order! Check out our catalogue to see for yourself!

Woodstock AP Moulding




Chair Rail

Plant Ons and Astragals

Panel Moulds and Picture Frames

Inside and Outside Corners

T & G Paneling, and Siding

Hand Rail and Bar Rail

Quarter, Half, and Full Rounds

White River Moulding

White River, founded in the 1970s, crafted product lines of traditional hardwood that launched the market for decorative millwork. Their stain-grade Poplar and Red Oak mouldings, based on classical rules of balance and proportion, were a refreshing deviation from the paint-grade softwoods that had dominated the market for decades. For over three decades, White River has worked to elevate classic architectural motifs in their mouldings and hand-carved woodcarvings. They have been established as the “One Source” for classic architectural millwork solutions for remodeling projects, new construction, and restoration projects. This was achieved by offering a unique line of elegant millwork selections, all backed by consistent product, availability, superior specification technology, and a host of affordable design options. Whether you are a homeowner, an interior designer, or builder, White River™ offers thoughtful solutions that ensure architectural excellence, steadfast quality, and enduring beauty. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Woodstock Professional!

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