Custom not Complicated


Custom wood work does not mean complicated. When some people hear “custom”, they think long wait times, high prices & a difficult process. Custom manufacturing at Woodstock is not a nightmare. Our professional staff understands what makes a product special: the quality of materials, uniqueness of design, customizable options and high level of service.

Our Process


We are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. FSC is an international non-profit that promotes responsible deforestation by making sure when trees are cut down, companies are re-planting to preserve our atmosphere. Most importantly, when clients purchase FSC products they trust that these materials were sustainably sourced.

We use 100% genuine American sourced reclaimed wood, whenever we can. Reclaimed wood is good for the environment because it prevents needing to use extra machines to cut down the trees and mill it. The way the wood has changed over time and stood the tests of time, make it a great choice for almost any project.

State of the Art Mill

In our mill, we have machinery that allows us to make wood into almost anything. Our 2 precision moulders produces 12,000 LF per day, either cleaned up S4S (surface 4 sides) that we run at 75 LF per minute. Or a more complex crown design that, depending on the width & depth of the crown, we run at 30 LF per minute.

We have a gangrip saw that is a circular blade machine used for cutting wood width to the size needed. Then the wood is put in the moulder to be made into the shape needed.


Our production facility runs in sync with the mill, once the wood is cut & shaped it is moved into production. Our expert craftsmen build every product by hand based on the customer’s specifications. In addition, we have multiple production tables stationed for sanding, fusing (either with adhesive, staples, or heat) and finishing (we do light finishing ourselves).

If the custom product includes a portion of metal, glass, or some other material that we don’t specialize in, we work with trusted industry partners to get it completed.

Our Customer Commitment


You can trust that when they come to us, we can surpass your expectations. We are always transparent on the status of the product and offer a competitive price.

We back our products 100%. If something fails for any reason, we will own it and fix it. We do not shy away from discrepancies. We truly want our customers to be happy as they walk out of the showroom door with their new piece of woodworking.


We are dedicated to being kind to wood and showing its natural inner beauty. Every piece of our custom wood work is created with care. Beyond using the highest quality material, we work hard to be your one stop shop for all things wood related. If you want a rare wood species, we find it. If your custom design is completely distinctive, we can make it.

Peace, Love & Happiness

From the moment you walk in the door, to the time you are admiring the completed product in your home, we want it to be a peaceful process. Not perfect but peaceful, there is no hassle when you work with our Woodstock Experts. As a vertically integrated organization completing any project of any size is seamless. Find comfort in knowing that your product was crafted with love. A love for wood and a love for our clients! Hearing that our clients are happy in the end is the most satisfying part of do what we do.

In efforts to fight the spread of Covid-19, we are taking appointments in our showroom for free order consultations and tours of our facility. Our showroom and mill are unlike any other wood shop in Las Vegas, come check us out!

Liven Up a Room with Wood Walls


Remodeling? Want to do something different in your home but don’t know what? No need for wallpaper or paint, cover your wall with the timeless beauty of wood. Wood wall paneling can be 3D, reclaimed or matched & sequenced.

3D Triangle Wood Wall 3D

3D wall paneling is a work of art on your wall, commonly referred to as a wood mural. The level of creativity of a natural wood dimensional wall is endless. Adding shapes and depth to an already extremely unique piece of wood makes a truly one of a kind wall application.

The dimensions that make the wood look alive on the wall also adds character and flow to a room. 3D wood walls can match any décor – rustic, modern or even retro. The mid-century modern designs of the 1970’s is trending again today. With 3D shapes from triangles to square, thick and thin, end cuts of wood – your wall can look like anything you imagine.


Reclaimed Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks

Reclaimed wood panels, or planks, are 100-year-old pieces of wood from authentic American barns and fencing. No one piece is exactly like another, each is distinctive. When using 100% authentic reclaimed wood you are creating a personable wall feature with a story of its own. The wood has stood the tests of time with most planks naturally weathered and colored. The neutral tones can match any home décor.

Some reclaimed wood was painted shades of red or white – which was common for old American barns. These panels add sparks of color and a modern appeal when apart of a unified color scheme. The panels can cover an entire wall with the panels placed vertical or horizontal. Additionally, you can wainscot the wall topped with a decorative moulding chair rail.


Symmetrical (Sequenced) Wood Wall Partition

Symmetrical wall panels involve a process of sequentially matching the wood planks as a simple wood wall covering. Let’s break down some of the technical terms. Matched is the panel pattern, there are commonly 3 types: book match, slip match & end match. Book matched is when two panels are a mirror image of each other when placed side by side. End matched is similar to book matched but the panels are placed above and below each other to create the mirror image. Slip matched is a series of planks matched exactly as they were cut and placed in unison.

To sequence the panels is to place all of them in succession, continuous even across a door frame. (Check back for a more detailed post about sequencing) Balanced wall panels are wood planks of the same length covering most of the wall with equal length planks at each end of the wall to balance the covering.

Homeowners must also consider the cut of the wood when choosing the pattern. Plain cut wood has arches while rift cut wood is an all vertical grain. (Be on the lookout for a separate post about the types of wood cuts and how they affect your design)

Click & Stick Method

Residential or commercial, big, or small – any wall can be Woodstocked! With our patent pending click and stick method, installing your wood wall has never been easier. It is quick, mess-free, and simple for any do-it-yourself-er. Check out our reclaimed wood panels or order a free reclaimed wood sample! Gayline, our in-house design expert can help you select the exact wall you need for your home or building.

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