Reclaimed Wood – A Part of History


Kevin travels through the country to hand select wood from 100-year-old barns. Every time he goes on one of these journeys, he learns another interesting wood origin story. Recently, while in Kentucky he saw barns that have been around for over 150 years, dating back to the civil war.

Scottsville, in southwest Kentucky, close to Bowling Green – a pivotal city as the capitol of Confederate Kentucky was devastated with destruction during the civil war. The Battle of Mill Springs was a major battle fought in south central Kentucky. During that battle the Union won against the Confederate Army. Scottsville was one of many small cities surrounding this battle that had to re-gain what was lost during the war. Now, the city and area of Allen County is thriving with original reclaimed barn wood.

The area is full of open ranges and beautiful landscapes with barns still standing paying homage to the 150 years they survived. The wood Kevin hand selects is real, durable and a part of the United States’ history. Its authenticity can’t be beat or easily recreated.  Just as memorable as America’s wars are, so is the look and feel of reclaimed barn wood. Considered an American treasure, reclaimed woods’ possible uses are endless from furniture and décor to aroma and appeal. Also, the naturally aged coloration and sun kissed tones are unmatched organic beauty, reflected in the beautiful barns (below) that Kevin explored during his most recent trip.

Stay tuned to see the Perfect Grey reclaimed wood sourced during this trip!

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