Create Fall Charm with Ceiling Beams


There are so many ways to decorate your home. With a personalized design and custom furniture, your home becomes your oasis. Never settle for less when creating your indoor haven, go big! A dramatic décor choice that will enhance any room are faux and hand hewn beams.

What are ceiling beams?

ceiling beams

Originally introduced as a decorative covering for wooden joists, ceiling beams add depth to a room. Ceiling joists are exposed horizontal pieces of wood used to frame an open space. Commonly, joists are left exposed on the ceilings of attics or basements. Placed in the same framing design as joists, ceiling beams are more aesthetically appealing making a room look remarkable.

Faux Beams

At Woodstock Architectural Products, we provide wood beams both faux and hand hewn. Faux beams are typically a uniform rectangle shape with the flexibility to be any size. They can be as wide, short, narrow, or skinny as you want. They are light weight with an MDF core, hollow center, and open back side. The design of your faux wood beam can be almost anything you can imagine. With the versatility of real wood veneer, the beam can be various colors and wood grains. To create country charm, the MDF core is covered with reclaimed wood panels.


Hand Hewn Beams

Hand hewn beams are fallen solid pieces of lumber from 100s of years ago, cut into rectangle logs with an axe. They add drama and airiness to a kitchen or dining area giving the warmth of the outdoors inside the home. Hand hewn beams come in many species and look gorgeous, each with a unique story of their own. Often, they are hard to work with; they cannot be easily cut into other widths or lengths and sold as is. Hand hewn beams can be an ideal addition to a cabin themed design or open design that integrates the essence of nature.

Start your beam order

No matter which type you choose, wood beams make a room more beautiful. Beams extend beyond the ceiling; they can frame a room vertically from floor to ceiling. Schedule a free project consultation to find the right beam for you.

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