The Ultimate Mantel Makeover

Winter season is in full effect with snowmaking record appearances and temperatures steadily dropping. Get cozy next to your fireplace to keep warm, but why not enjoy the scenery too?! Finding the right mantel to enhance the look of your fireplace has never been easier. Match it to your interior design theme or choose a show-stopping, stand out mantel.


Prominent interior designers have named elegant, luxurious design themes as trending in 2021. In those types of designs, non-brick fireplaces that resemble hotel décor are the go-to. When we say non-brick, we mean a fireplace with some type of panel covering. That covering can be reclaimed wood panels, 3D panels, or geometric architectural panels. With a sleek fireplace, find dark-toned mantels that blend well with the overall theme. We have made some beautiful black and dark gray oak and walnut mantles that seem subtle but make a bold design statement.


Modern interior designs now lean heavily on natural elements and earth tones. In contemporary country themes, fireplaces made of brick or stone are a classic look. Incorporating wood delicately creates an inviting and open space. A brick or stone fireplace is typically large and can cover an entire wall. You may be wondering why you need a mantle when the bricks/stones are the centerpieces of the modern cottage design. A mantle is meant to be a design extension or a compliment to your fireplace. An extra-long, oversized mantel painted white, red, or brown to match the brick/stone color is a gorgeous addition. Not to mention the bonus shelving it provides as well!


When it comes to a reclaimed wood mantel – don’t think rustic, think rustic vogue. We cover our mantels with real American reclaimed wood panels. The variety in naturally weathered reclaimed wood allows for multiple color options ranging from mixed grays, browns, and whites. Have a fluid look from a reclaimed wood fireplace covering to the reclaimed wood mantel, truly making the fireplace stand out. Too matchy-matchy for your taste? Consider pairing it with a reclaimed wood accent wall in the same or adjacent room to complete the look.

From a vision to reality

At Woodstock AP, we listen then we create! Our team of design experts keep up with the latest design trends and find the best material. No matter the design theme or even if you have no design in mind, we can help. Book a dedicated hour with our team today.

Additional source: Home and Gardens

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