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A door in your home probably started off-white, then you painted it a bright color to match the décor, and now you wince a little because that bright color isn’t as appealing as you thought. Everybody is familiar with the pain of disappointing home furnishings. Enter a custom sliding barn door to save the day! A custom door as one-of-a-kind as you are, can be a showstopper in your home. Use a sliding barn door as a divider between the living and dining room or entry into a bathroom or bedroom. Either way they are sure to wow, when designed to your exact liking.

A pristine hand-crafted barn door from Woodstock is: 1) Functional – it’s easy to install and slides in & out of place taking up limited space 2) Stylish – it enhances the comfort and feeling of openness in any room 3) Friendly – budget friendly starting $1,000 less than a standard door & eco-friendly reclaimed barnwood doors are unique and help reduce deforestation. History Fact: Barns had larger doors to allow animals and trucks to enter. When a large door was swung open gusts of cold air would rush into the barn. Sliding doors were adapted to minimize the amount of cold air being let in.

Pick Your Style

The first decision is whether you want a rustic design or modern design. A sliding barn door doesn’t have to look like a barn at all! Let’s start with the traditional design – plank style. A plank style barn door has a single plank across the bottom and top of the door. It also has 5-6 vertical or 15-20 horizontal planks that are all close to identical. The mid-rail style resembles the plank style, with the addition of a horizontal plank in the center of the door.

Diving into X-Style barn doors, with a plank base, this style has a large X that covers the underlining planks. History Fact: This is also considered a traditional barn style, the X-design of boards were meant to make the door stronger. A Double X-Style barn door has a mid-rail base with a small x placed at the top & bottom of the center plank. Z-Style doors have one plank placed diagonally across to form a Z with the top & bottom planks.

U-Channel is a metal trim covering the sides of the doors. U-Channel adds a contemporary, designer look to your sliding barn door. A thinner U-Channel has a sleek look, while a thicker U-Channel gives a defined, boxier edge. Custom style varieties are endless such as adding a chalk board, a window, double rails or using a live-edge wood slab as your door.

Pick Your Wood & Handle

For a classic look, reclaimed Redwood or Barnwood are the perfect woods to achieve that design. We have 6 reclaimed wood colors to choose from including Boardwash White and Copious Brown. History Fact: Most western states had whitewash or brown barns. You can also choose new wood such as timeless oak, alder or modern maple. The texture can be smooth and unaltered, wire-brushed or resawed with cut marks.

Handles, typically made of stainless steel, range in size from 8” to 18”. Sliding door handles are a flush pull, you use your fingers to slide the door rather than grabbing onto a knob. A flush pull handle is flush with the back of the door allowing the door to get closer to the wall. Our barn door kits come with all the hardware to install the door including the handle.

Pick Woodstock

Woodstock Architectural Products is home to the finest quality woods, hand-selected to perfect any of your interior design needs! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Pick your barn door style, wood & handle and we will turn your vision into a reality. We offer a free design consultation if you need assistance picking the right door for your remodel or new home! With information at your fingertips and a vision in mind, you are ready to start your custom barn door creation with us.

Additional source: Kate Kelly, “The American Barn: A Disappearing American Icon”

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