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Cameron Fults, a lover of the arts is a trained classical guitarist. He graduated from OKCU with a bachelor’s in music performance and a growing passion for investing and business operations. Throughout his college years he would return and help out the family business. After graduating, Cameron joined Woodstock Architectural Products full time operating the production facility and warehouse.

During his time with the company, he is not only building gorgeous wood products but learning invaluable lessons on how to start and manage a successful business. He took the time out of his busy day of manufacturing, to talk about fascinating wood facts with us.  

Q: What is your favorite thing about wood? 

Cameron: My favorite thing about wood is that not one tree or piece of wood is similar; trees are like humans. It is really fascinating. 

Q: What do you think makes wood so beautiful?

Cameron: Just as humans are so diverse and unique so is wood. Wood/the grain is a part of nature’s fingerprint. The atmosphere that the tree lives under influences how the tree grows up such as with humans. Every grain in the wood is unique and it is interesting how the rings from the trees help determine its age. (some would say it is similar to wrinkles on humans lol…I would not however) 

Q: Why is making wood home products so important to you? 

Cameron: The aspect of bringing nature into your home is important. You have the opportunity to choose from thousands of different species of wood. There are wood species’ that you would think are the same, but they have subtle differences that make them unique. Like a home or family, there are subtle differences in our lifestyles that make us unique, wood is that natural best friend that we add to our lives helping us embrace our individuality.  

Q: What are some memorable projects you’ve worked on? 

Cameron: The very first Venetian/Pallazzo Remodel we did out of our Reno Ave shop, before we had employees. Those moments helped me become who I am, today. I’ve worked on some truly beautiful walnut live edge pieces; one was a bathroom vanity. Another was a matching coffee & side table.  I also love seeing homes come together after remodeling! Many clients purchase a barn door and realize that they need flooring to go with the door. Sometimes even tables to match the door. It is truly amazing seeing homes from before the remodel to after the remodel. A lot of these homes are magazine worthy after the remodel.

Go behind the scenes with Cameron in our warehouse. He makes wood manufacturing look like a breeze!

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